Friday, December 18, 2009

Alan Cheuse

Alan Cheuse is an all around literary aficionado. Whether commentating on NPR, editing anthologies, writing reviews or charting the “searing, tragic, heart-breaking and hilarious business of being alive” in his own widely acclaimed novels, Alan operates at the center of 21st Century literati. This year Alan was also selected, along with Pulitzer Winner Junot Diaz and (One of my Favorites) Jennifer Egan, to judge the 2009 National Book Award in Fiction. (2009 Winner: Colum McCann)

To Catch the Lightening, winner of the 2009 Grub Street National Book Prize in Fiction, is Alan's latest work of fiction. The book imagines the life of Edward Curtis, early American photographer, and his experiences capturing Native America tribes on film. “Bankrolled by J.P. Morgan, befriended by Teddy Roosevelt, and a towering figure in his own right, Curtis's epic work consumes his life.

Four pages into the new Alan Cheuse novel and you'll know you're reading a Great American Novel. The Real Deal, not some publisher's-hyped product of the season. To Catch the Lightning is where you should plan on spending your lingering fall afternoons, watching the leaves turn.
—Rick Kleffel, book reviewer and radio host on KUSP-FM Santa Cruz

Budget to tight for traveling this winter? Vicarious travel has been my latest favorite past time. Alan takes us on a journey where exotic terrain makes for a lovely backdrop for musings over culture, history and the human spirit. This personal exploration pushes the limits of "travel" writing and teaches us just how far we can go when we take the time to absorb more than scenery as we travel.

A Trance After Breakfast

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I have enjoyed putting together our little bookstore up in Squaw Valley over the past four years. We love our bookstore and it has been your support that makes it all possible, so Thank You!

I have received many requests for an online SVCW Bookstore. Some who miss us when they are away, and others who are just tired of lugging all those hardcovers around on airplanes. There are also those writers who are honest about being broke and needing to purchase books at Amazon's discounted prices. As fellow writers, we understand your pain!

For these reasons I thought it would be fun to try our hand at a SVCW Books and Authors blog. I will track down our authors and past participants and post their books, news, reviews and information and link our SVCW books to Amazon. Ten percent of every book purchased through our blog will help support the bookstore. I am looking forward to building an online archive of the outstanding collection of books represented by authors who frequent the Community of Writers.

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